Loud Noises

Loud Noises bridge the gap between contemporary brass music and high octane dance.


Blurring the line between band and audience, Loud Noises might be the most interactive and engaging band in Britain.

Founded on night club stages, the band constantly perform nationwide and around Europe.

Taking bookings for gigs, events & festivals now!

Loud Noises are the band of choice for the UK’s most popular bars, clubs and festivals, household brands such as BMW and Carlsberg, even the NHS, as well as hundreds of couples tying the knot each year.



Loud Noises Brass Band


Need a high-energy set for Club Nights? A ready-made festival highlight? An unforgettable feature at your corporate event? A band to transform your wedding, and remain on the lips of wedding guests for years to come? You’re in the right place!

Public Gigs

For clubs, bars & venues, click the image on the left below to book Loud Noises. Transforming any weekday night into a rowdy good time, and delivering stellar headline sets, click for more information.

Corporate Work

For potential corporate clients, Loud Noises work with brands and businesses all year round to inject energy into their events, engage their guests, and create memorable moments, with set-lists, musicality and stage craft sure to impress and entertain. (Want to increase social media coverage of your event? Guests can’t keep their phones away when it comes to Loud Noises, and you’ll see why).


For brides and grooms-to-be looking for the ultimate wedding band, click the image on the right below to see how your special day, could be a whole lot more special. Loud Noises play between 50 and 100 weddings a year across the country and Europe. From small intimate affairs, to weddings across multiple venues, and even foreign ceremonies, Loud Noises provide not only a unique musical and visual spectacle, but an unforgettable experience for all guests.

Loud Noises Brass Band